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Aug 23, 2010

Kevin Bachelder, Kim Butler and Andrew Ball join the podcast to discuss the eleventh episode from season one of Dollhouse, "Briar Rose". A dead body has been discovered. Adelle thinks it may be the work of Alpha. She imprints Sierra with CSI knowledge to find out for sure. Meanwhile, Dominic's brain is uploaded into...

Aug 16, 2010

The conclusion to this massive, three-part episode is finally here! Scott Carelli chats about the Murmur Podcast and Watchmen on Blu-ray.

00:01:55 - John and Scott sing the praises of iFanboy, but express concern and disappointment for
00:08:36 - In addition to a subjective drop in quality content, Murmur's...

Aug 5, 2010

Scott Carelli returns for part 2 of this expansive, trilogy of insanity to talk Inception, Christopher Nolan and Blackout.

00:01:28 - John shares his long journey of getting to see Inception on an IMAX screen. This leads to mini-reviews of Christopher Nolan's previous work.

00:14:36 - We debate the pacing and emotional...