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Who wants to join the Dollhouse Commentary?

Feb 18, 2009

Do you like Joss Whedon programming and talking about it with other fans? Do you like hearing yourself fan-gasm? Are you curious about this thing on TV called Dollhouse? The Sofa Dogs commentary for the Dollhouse pilot episode was so successful (317 downloads in just 2 weeks, and still climbing!), we're doing this every week a new episode airs, and we want you to join the fun!

Recordings for Dollhouse commentaries will occur on Saturdays at 10pm Eastern, 9pm Central. Anyone interested in co-hosting the podcast, please put in a request either through this site, or by email to Please make sure you have a quality headset/microphone, a stable/strong internet connection and a Skype account (they're absolutely free!). Any submissions received during or after the scheduled podcast will be considered for the next available recording. Thank You.
-John Pavlich

almost fifteen years ago

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