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Lost: S5 Review, Episode 10

Mar 29, 2009

With John's laptop on life support, I'm temporarily coming out of retirement to provide some texty Lost reviews. If ever there was occasion to describe new content as 'filler', this is it ladies and gents.

The last Lost review I threw together was for seminal Desmond episode The Constant (with The Other Woman tacked on...

Lost: S4 Review, Episodes 5 and 6

Mar 11, 2008


Okay so I'm well over a week late...but honestly, who wouldn't want to spend a little time rehashing the best episode of the season so far (even sans mp3) ?

In the intervening time we've also had a slightly less exciting episode, The Other Woman. Since I'm way overdue with...

Feb 26, 2008

Lost audio reviews: back for one week only!

Despite my optimism, it'll be back to a text review for the next episode since I'll be out of town. In the meantime, here's 30 minutes of speculative (and somewhat hoarse) chatter on the specialist subject of "Eggtown - Parenthood and the Oceanic 6".

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Lost: S4 Review, Episode 3

Feb 20, 2008

No podcast this week (again) because I had a bit of a throat thing going on (again) over the weekend, and the review is late because...well...I'm just writing it now.

The Economist is this week's ep, and with a nice, obscure-sounding title I was bound to enjoy it. Factor in that it was Sayid's turn to take centre stage...

Lost: S4 Review, Episode 2

Feb 10, 2008

And our streak of weekly Lost podcasts ends Oh well, we had a good run...

This week's episode, Confirmed Dead, didn't interest me nearly as much as last week's, so perhaps it's fitting that it should be the first to fall by the audio wayside. With the writers' strike possibly at an end, there may still...