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The Unhappening

Dec 18, 2007

While we were sorting out the general confusion, bewilderment and thumb-twiddling that led to first the domain expiring and then the libsyn account going inactive, John still managed to distill his thoughts into mp3 form over at And when I say distill...well I guess I don't actually mean distill because his guest host spot on Two Geeks, a Mic and a Podcast lasted over two hours.

And as an incredibly minor, insignificant side note, it turns out that my failure to renew the .com domain resulted in it being snapped up by some webparking 'service' or other. Oh well. If I knew how to put a positive spin on things I'd say 'Look out for Sofadogs.NET in 2008!!!', but I don't. *sigh*

almost sixteen years ago

Oooh, that happened to me. My jewelry site was snapped up, and pornographic \"body jewelry\" pictures were put there. (No, they aren\'t there anymore.) I ended up having to change the name of my whole business.