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Sofa Dogs Four Year Anniversary

Apr 5, 2010


This weekend marked the four year anniversary of the Sofa Dogs podcast! When I started this audio adventure on April 3rd of 2006, I never would have been able to fathom what the show has expanded into, nor that I would still be going strong. Initially, this was simply an excuse for me to get together with friends and record DVD fan commentaries for various movies and television shows. Today, Sofa Dogs has evolved into a more laid back, stream of consciousness podcast about general popular culture (known as Couch Surfing) and even a legitimate interview section with various film makers and producers I admire.

Over these past four years, I've met some amazing, generous people both inside and outside the entertainment industry. Were it not for this little show, my life would be nowhere near as rich and rewarding. I can't express how much joy and opportunity this humble podcast has afforded me. Experiences that I could never even dream of fulfilling otherwise. For someone like me, a person declared legally blind by the state, it's astounding to meet such compassionate, friendly people who go out of their way to accomodate my online indulgences such as this one.

I've made friends and colleagues through this ongoing project from all over the globe. Even though most of them I've never met face to face, they never cease to make me feel like I can do anything and as long as you strive for passion and sincerity in life, good people will give of their precious time to share in such rare, powerful commodities and values. This is but a short list of the kind souls that have welcomed me into their lives in their own way, even if for just a moment or two. I am forever in your debt. Now, because I know you, I have a better understanding and appreciation of who I am and what it truly means to be a podcaster and a fan of films and television:

William Bibbiani, Ray Brown, Scott Carelli, Allen Coe, Chris O'Connor, Paul Elard Cooley, Fred Dekker, Eric Diaz, The Dollhouse Podcast, The Dollverse, Stuart Duncan, Tom Duncan, Rachel Gatlin, Jenn Geoppinger, Andre Gower, Jack Gregson, Nick Jimenez, Keith Kinney, Justin Krey, Juliet Landau, Lightning Love, Bob Lofgren, Jonathan London, Paul Maki, Tim Minear, Brandon Ortega, Kim Paris, Gary Poussard, Susie Richards, Will Ritchie, Frank Sabatella, Crystal Smalling, Stephanie Smith, Lisa Tobias and Whedonesque.

I would also like to thank the thousands, literally thousands of listeners and supporters out there who continue to enjoy my show. You are the ones who built this show. You keep this experiment alive and well. Here's to four more years, and then some!


John Pavlich

thirteen and a half years ago

Susie Rodarme now :D but the few times I worked with you, it was a blast! I look forward to doing future projects with you :)

thirteen and a half years ago


Hayden Jones
thirteen and a half years ago

I\'m looking forward to hearing some of those old voices back on the show.

thirteen and a half years ago

Happy Birthday(or i guess since it was over the weekend Happy Un-Birthday) Sofa Dogs! Thanks for thanking me!

Kevin Bachelder
thirteen and a half years ago

Happy 4th anniversary John! We appreciate all the hard work you put into your podcasts.