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Oct 7, 2006

In the second episode of Titus, called Sex With Pudding, Christopher fears that Erin is cheating on him. Things go from bad to worse when he learns that she's actually being sexually harrassed, by her Lesbian Boss! The show continues to turn sitcom convention on its head and tackle fresh, new areas of the human condition with hilarious results. Some stuff even gets set on fire!

Important News: I regret to inform the loyal listeners (all six of you), I will be absent from Sofa Dogs for at least a month. Recent money troubles have forced me to cancel my internet service. On the bright side, the show will still be around. Full hosting duties will be in the far more capable hands of my partner in crime, Stu. You can direct all questions and comments to him through and as always, keep those iTunes reviews coming. They're very much appreciated. Also, the Sharecrow site has a new Top 10 section. I've recently discovered that Sofa Dogs is in their list of popular downloads, so a big thank you to those of you responsible.

Finally, I wouldn't normally do this, but if you folks would like to contribute a small donation to this site, you can do so at my paypal account through I hope you enjoy the show while I'm away and I hope to be back soon, putting you all to sleep again. :)

Warm and fuzzy love,