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Jun 23, 2006

Today is Joss Whedon's birthday! Stuart Duncan and I celebrate by tackling the 8th episode from Buffy's first season, I Robot, You Jane. Willow begins an online relationship with a stranger, who turns out to be a centuries old demon attempting to break free from imprisonment. What did he do to become banished into the pages of an old textbook, and later the internet? Well, you know those tags on mattresses that read, "Do Not Remove"? He cut one of them off! That's right, this guy is dangerous. Will Buffy be able to destroy the demon and save her friends? Will we see a relationship grow between Giles and the new computer-science teacher, Miss Calender? Why does the demon Moloch dress himself up to look like a cross between The Predator and a rejected villain from the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers? And why does Sunnydale High have web-cam access? Join us, as we attempt to answer these questions, and more. It's Morphin' Time!

Daniel Rudolph
over sixteen years ago

Loo is more a southern U.S. expression than a British one.

In 1997, Macintosh computers didn\'t yet have the distinctive look they do now.

This episode is the first time we see Willow\'s house.

The team commentaries are definitely working out, though I suggest Stu find a DVD player than can do time-shifting so you can avoid the sync issues. There are lots for PC.

over sixteen years ago

You know I tried looking for something to sort out the sync thing, but didn\'t come across anything. My Googling skills clearly aren\'t up to scratch... ;) It won\'t be a problem for season 2 though, as I\'ll be picking up the R1 set before we get started.