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Oct 6, 2012

Subject: Near Dark (1987)

Observers: John Pavlich, Eric Diaz

Record Date: October 03, 2012, 11:17 PM

Plot Summary: Oklahoma farm boy, Caleb meets a mysterious girl who is revealed to be a Vampire. After she bites him, Caleb is forced to join her family of nomadic bloodsuckers and embark on a killing spree across the rural midwest.

Note: Celebrating this film's 25th anniversary, Eric Diaz joins me for the other Vampire film from 1987. We discuss clinical vampirism, a few plot holes, blood transfusions and the marriage of Old West archetypes with 1980s' Horror tropes. Remember to listen for the preemptive countdown before starting the movie on your DVD.

Correction: In the beginning of this commentary, I mistakenly imply a character is named Meekers, after one of the film's executive producer, Charles R. Meeker. According to IMDB, the character's actual name is Eakers. I merely misunderstood the name being spoken in the film.