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Aug 25, 2009

After a five month hiatus, Couch Surfing returns to the Sofa Dogs podcast! Nick Jimenez joins the celebration for a jam packed episode, filled with over two hours of content.

00:07:00 - Nick recommends The Goods as at least a solid rental comedy, but he loved Funny People to bits.
00:20:35 - John sings the praises of the short-lived series, The Middleman.
00:22:34 - There's also warm nostalgia for Parker Lewis Can't Lose.
00:29:48 - John enjoyed The Guild's music video, "Do You Wanna Date My Avatar?", NIck, not so much.
00:32:48 - Hot Tub Time Machine sounds like a potentially wacky love letter to the 80s'. We are so there. This leads into a discussion of the Internet Movie Database and the Top Ten Films of The Decade.
00:45:02 - Catching up on ancient emails, Hayden has a theory about Geek By Night. John and Nick try their best to clarify some things.
00:53:03 - Nick advises towards patience on the internet, while lamenting how podcasting can sometimes feel like work.
01:12:32 - Marshal has finished the Dead Like Me franchise and loved it, but did not care for the film.
01:19:32 - John is still occasionally giving Alias a chance, having watched a handful of episodes from season 3. It didn't go over well but the episode, "Conscious" was amazing.
NOTE: Feel free to stop the podcast here, as there's much internet drama ahead. It's understandable to tune out at this point.
01:23:42 - The last email of the episode first requires some back story, concerning and the death of John Hughes.
01:27:14 - Kristen Stewart or Kat Dennings? Do you care?
01:38:59 - It's apparently not common knowledge that Drag Me To Hell made a nice chunk of change. Some are even in denial about such news.
01:47:54 - John weighs the pros and cons of big, sensational summer blockbusters, like Transformers 2.
01:57:40 - John has hate mail. Confusion sets in as he tries to understand the minds of those who write such bile.
02:09:02 - Nick closes things out with some positive recommendations of his favorite podcasts.

The following artists can be heard in this episode:

Telefon Tel Aviv & Danny DeVito, Metric, Staind, Taxi Doll, Flo Rida & Katy Perry, Eminem, The Submarines, The Martinis, MC Lars, Joe Strummer, Stars, 12 Rounds, And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead, Glasvegas, Beck, Charles Ives, Groove Armada, Owen Pallett, Peace Orchestra, Gary Chang, Young MC, Army Navy, Hugh Harris, Tears For Fears, INXS, Radiohead, Phil Collins, Splashdown, Beirut and Dianogah.

over thirteen years ago

I just saw The House Bunny on Showtime yesterday. Kat Dennings is super foxy in that as well

Jack Gregson
over thirteen years ago

I really liked The House Bunny, thought I was going to hate it, but turned out to be very funny thanks to Ms Farris.

over thirteen years ago

I choose Emma Stone.

Will R
over thirteen years ago

Nick i\'m so glad you have finally begun to see how much work is put into podcasting. I\'m thinking we should figure out what to do next.

\"Where do we go from here\" seems appropriate at this moment.

Jack Gregson
over thirteen years ago

Sigh, Miley Cyrus, sigh.

Nick Kirk
over thirteen years ago

sweet a new couch surfing! lol interested in hearing the kat dennings kristin stewart debate...

Nick Kirk
over thirteen years ago

Just finished listening, and i have to say, really good episode. I wasn\'t aware that you and Scott made up, and its really nice to know that you guys did. I\'m also really glad that you called out Rusty James, cuz well, I kind of hate him.

Paul Maki
over thirteen years ago

I can\'t believe so much drama must be had on the Kat or Kristen debate! The sooner you all just settle down, grow up...

The sooner you will see it\'s all about Kat, hands down.


Hayden Jones
over thirteen years ago

Ack, so much to say, where to begin... (and I don\'t twitter)

@Nick I\'m with you on the whole podcasts being a lot of work and the precedence that real life can and should have over it. I have no complaints wrt how quickly things come out, there are a lot of podcasts out there.

@John Um, I didn\'t really want the content of my email to become public. For one thing, I would have taken more time to have written it more carefully, if I had. Perhaps, I should have been more clear in my email but I don\'t think it\'s usual to ask for an opinion on if/how to approach someone, only to have the full matter discussed publicly!

Ultimately, this is just a podcast don\'t lose any sleep over this.

John Pavlich
over thirteen years ago

@Hayden If you don\'t want an email read on the show, please request as much in said email, so as to avoid accidents like this one. Having said that, I don\'t think there was anything in your email to be concerned about, or for anyone to be offended by. I hope you\'ll continue to listen to and support the show. Thanks again.

Hayden Jones
over thirteen years ago

@John Fair enough, consider me warned.