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Aug 6, 2009

Now that the DVDs are finally here, I resume commentaries for season one of Joss Whedon's Dollhouse. In the sixth episode "Man On The Street", Paul Ballard comes face to face with Caroline for the first time, sort of. During this particular engagement, she takes on the personality of Rebecca Mynor, wife to wealthy internet mogul, Joel Mynor (played with heartbreaking sincerity by comedian, Patton Oswalt). As soon as Boyd takes Echo away, Paul and Joel have a meeting of the minds about the need to pursue a fantasy and the justification for that need.

Back at the Dollhouse, someone is abusing Sierra, sexually. An investigation leads first to Victor, but then down a more disturbing path. Meanwhile, Agent Ballard retreats back home to lick his wounds, after having come so close to rescuing Caroline, but failing to keep her within his grasp. Luckily, his friendly neighbor, Mellie (the delightful Miracle Laurie) is there as a willing consolation prize. If you can't be with the one you love, then love the one you're with.

Please join me for this jam-packed, game-changing episode written by Joss Whedon. I discuss obsession versus nobility, the importance of geography and physical space within a fight scene and Patton Oswalt's truthful, satisfying brand of stand-up humor. All this and more as I try to fight off drowsiness from painkillers, while recovering from Kidney Stones.

From this point on concerning Dollhouse, please listen for my preemptive countdown before starting the episode on your DVD.

John Pavlich
over thirteen years ago

Thanks, J. I\'m still dealing with Kidney Stones, but thankfully, I haven\'t needed to take any painkillers for at least 2 days now. More Dollhouse commentaries to follow soon.

over thirteen years ago

Great commentary! Good job of not falling asleep.