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Jun 21, 2008

The eleventh episode of Couch Surfing, is over-stuffed with equal measures of both pain and pleasure. John loses a little piece of his soul, having watched Hostel Part 2. After a twenty minute rant about the works of Eli Roth, John and Scott go into joyous praise over Martian Child. They talk about the news of Bryan Singer having another go at Superman, which leads into a discussion about Kate Bosworth, followed by Scott getting a homework assignment. John suggests his casting of Chris Evans in Y: The Last Man. Scott expresses his love for the works of Amy Sherman-Palladino, but expresses mostly disgust with The Return Of Jezebel James and lead actress, Parker Posey. Thankfully, the two of them seem to be madly in love with Lauren Ambrose, so it balances out. Rob Thomas is bringing his show Cupid back to ABC, but he's also been hired by The CW to revamp the iconic, teen drama series, Beverly Hills 90210. Confusion and morbid curiosity ensues. Plus, answering e-mail from Wichita, Kansas. The following artists can be heard in this episode:  

The Dust Brothers, Say Hi To Your Mom, Ministry, John Carpenter, Sigur Ros, Guster, Arcade Fire, Coldplay, Aimee Mann, Stars, Christian Burns, Smashing Pumpkins, Mika, Elvis & JunkieXL, Dashboard Confessional, Shiny Toy Guns, Marvin Gaye, John E. Davis, Alison Krauss and Nada Surf.