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Sofa Dogs Hits 5,000 Downloads!

Mar 26, 2009

With just a few days of March left to go, Sofa Dogs has reached a milestone: 5,224 downloads! The numbers for the month of February came out to 1,182. Thanks to the draw of Tim Minear and Dollhouse, as well as supportive word-of-mouth from the likes of Whedonesque, The Dollverse and The Dollhouse Podcast, our numbers have broken over the 5,000 mark in just a few weeks!

Not only that, but another unprecedented special occasion has occured: Tim Minear's commentary for the Dollhouse episode, "True Believer" is the first single installment of the Sofa Dogs podcast to reach 1,000 downloads, with a current total of 1,012!

My heart felt thanks to all of you who made this happen. I am truly grateful. "We've done the impossible, and that makes us mighty."

Best wishes,

John Pavlich

P.S. Keep those iTunes reviews and emails coming. They give me warm fuzzies. :)

EDITED TO ADD: Stuart Duncan, Co-Producer of Sofa Dogs has informed me of at least 5 previous episodes to break the 1,000 downloads mark:

#4 - Firefly: Our Mrs Reynolds (1076)
#68 - Summer Movies + Fall TV (1131)
#36 - Firefly: Ariel (1153)
#3 - Firefly: Jaynestown (1173)
#47 - Lost: The Glass Ballerina (1564)
"Having said that, the True Believer commentary has reached 1,000 far, far quicker than the others, so records are still being set."     -Stuart Duncan