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Official Buffy Score Album by Christophe Beck

Aug 12, 2008

According to Variety's online blog The Set List, Rounder Records will release a long overdue official score soundtrack for Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The album will contain 29 tracks from seasons 2 through 4, composed by Christophe Beck (Bring It On, Elektra, Confidence) and released on September 9th.

Here is the track list:
1. Massacre  (from “Becoming”)
2. Angel Waits  (from “Passion”)
3. Remembering Jenny  (from “Passion”)
4. Twice the Fool  (from “Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered”)
5. Moment of Happiness  (from “Innocence”)
6. Loneliness of Six (from “Lover’s Walk”)
7. Sugar High (from “Band Candy”)
8. Tai Chi  (from “Band Candy”)
9. Kralik’s House  (from “Helpless”)
10. Magic Snow Music  (from “Amends”)
11. Slayer’s Elegy  (from “The Wish”)
12. Faith’s End  (from “Graduation Day”)
13. Drink Me  (from “Graduation Day”)
14. One Last Moment  (from “Graduation Day”)
15. Haunted  (from “Fear Itself”)
16. From the Grave  (from “This Year’s Girl”)
17. Demon Got Your Tongue  (from “Hush”)
18. Golf Claps  (from “Hush”)
19. The Princess Screams  (from “Hush”)
20. Spellbound  (from “Who Are You?”)
21. Fyarl in the Morning  (from “A New Man”)
22. A Really Big Sandbox  (from “Restless”)
23. Spaghetti  (from “Restless”)
24. Body Paint  (from “Restless”)
25. Xander’s Nightmare  (from “Restless”)
26. The Tower  (from “The Gift”)
27. Losing Battle  (from “The Gift”)
28. Apocalypse  (from “The Gift”)
29. Sacrifice  (alternate version, from “The Gift”)

Personally, I'm mostly excited for the previously unavailable material from season 4 (especially "Restless"), as I already have the rest from Beck's original promotional discs. Hopefully, if this sells well, we may see a second volume some time in the future. I wouldn't say no to music from the remaining seasons, either (particularly Thomas Wanker's work on "Into The Woods" and "Smashed").

For anyone interested in making their own compilation, here's the track list from Christophe Beck's promotional discs for Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

NOTE: The order of these tracks may seem odd at first, as they are not initially in chronological order. The reason for this is, if you listen to the music very carefully, you will realize that much of it is actually seamlessly mixed together, like one, very long suite:

1. Resurrection
2. Twice The Fool
3. Remembering Jenny
4. Ampata's Kiss
5. Devil Child
6. What's That Do?
7. Sledgehammer
8. Cursed
9. Angel Waits
10. Mob Rush
11. Accused
12. Escape
13. Moment Of Happiness
14. The Buffy Rat
15. Love Is Forever
16. Robot Rampage
17. Show Me Your World
18. Waking Willow
19. Massacre
20. Vision Of Jenny
21. As Angel Becomes
22. The Mark Of Eyghon*
23. Deliverance
24. Tai Chi
25. Sugar High
26. Loneliness Of Six
27. Bizarro Sunnydale
28. Blood Machine
29. Slayer's Elegy
30. Dublin, 1938
31. Dreaming Of...
32. Magic Snow Music
33. Betrayal
34. Kralik's House
35. A Father's Love
36. Alternate Willow
37. Into The Mayor's Lair
38. Dearly Beloved
39. The Beginning Of The End
40. Class Protector
41. Poison Arrow
42. Faith's End
43. Aftermath
44. Drink Me
45. Little Miss Muffet
46. War
47. One Last Look
48. Close Your Eyes**
49. Dead Guys With Bombs***
50. Buffy & Riley's Love Theme****
51. Suite From "Hush"*****
52. Suite From "Restless"*****
53. Sacrifice From "The Gift"*****

*The end of this track starts to lead into a new, unknown piece of music. So, either a cue is missing from the promotional CD, or the track list I got from Blunt Instrument is inaccurate. Anyone who can clarify, please send email.
**Available on Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Album
***Available on Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Radio Sunnydale (UK Mix)
****I can't even remember where I got this from. I'm not entirely sure if it's from the composer, or if a talented fan did their own cover of this piece. It's difficult to tell, since Beck mostly uses synth instruments in his work as well.
*****Available on Buffy the Vampire Slayer: "Once More, With Feeling"