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Motherboard R.I.P. - Sofa Dogs on Hiatus!

Mar 21, 2009

Motherboard (May 4th, 2005 - March 18th, 2009)

A few nights ago, at 11:30pm, the Fire Department came knocking on my door to inform me that a pipe had burst in the building and water was flooding the halls. Everyone was to evacuate the sixth floor and head down to the lobby and await further instructions. Sure enough, stepping out into the hallway, I was met with pink water (yes, pink) about a quarter-inch deep. I took the elevator down to the lobby. Roughly thirty minutes later, a man with a clipboard arrived and took our names, apartment numbers and asked us how we were feeling. We were then told not to leave the building, as the water was potentially toxic and we had been quarantined. At 4:00am, we were finally allowed back up to our apartments. Luckily, no water had managed to penetrate into my apartment. It remained in the hallway.

I tell that story as a preface to this: When I initially left my apartment, I shut down my computer, just in case. Arriving home at 4 in the morning, I discovered that my computer would never turn on again. I pushed the power button and nothing happened. After calling HP technical support, I was informed that my motherboard must have died. Basically, what this means is, aside from occasional e-mail updates, via the computers at my local library, I have no internet and no computer access at this time. My website and podcast, Sofa Dogs must now go on hiatus, the extent of which is currently unknown.

Ironically, the numbers for the site are at an all-time high, due in large part to our Dollhouse commentaries and my recent chat session with Tim Minear. In March alone, we have 3,838 downloads and the month is still in progress! Big plans were in the works for the show, including more Dollhouse discussions and further involvment from Tim, as well as a brand new redesign to celebrate the site's 3rd anniversary in April.

Sadly, all of this must now be put on hold, indefinitely. I am in the process of trying to find either a replacement motherboard or a refurbished computer that will allow me to simply transfer the guts of my original machine (hard drive, graphics card, DVD/CD burner, etc.), but limited funds is of course a problem right now.

I will continue to respond to emails and comments as best I can during this time, but I have no idea when new content will be available again on the Sofa Dogs podcast. I'll keep you all posted. Until then, I wish to extend my appreciation and gratitude to those of you who continue to support the show. Will Ritchie and Nick Jimenez at Geekeasy, David Chen and company at /Filmcast, Crystal Smalling at 3 Chicks & A Mic, Jonathan London and Eric Diaz at Geekscape, Lisa Tobias at Hypersensitive, Heather Stewart at First Things First TV, the folks at Whedonesque, Tim Minear, Stuart Duncan and many others that I simply haven't the time right now to mention. My sincerest thanks for everything you've done to help get the word out. Without you, this show means nothing.


John Pavlich

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thirteen and a half years ago

Man, what rotten timing. Hate to hear this had to happen just as your site was skyrocketing in popularity. Hope you are able to get things together . Don\'t drink the pink water!

thirteen and a half years ago

Oh, hamburgers.

thirteen and a half years ago

Sorry to see this. Best of luck!

Hayden Jones
thirteen and a half years ago

Bummer. :-(