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Lost: S5 Review, Episode 10

Mar 29, 2009

With John's laptop on life support, I'm temporarily coming out of retirement to provide some texty Lost reviews. If ever there was occasion to describe new content as 'filler', this is it ladies and gents.

The last Lost review I threw together was for seminal Desmond episode The Constant (with The Other Woman tacked on as an afterthought). It's been over a year since that post made nary a splash in the podcasting pool, so let's see if 365+ days of C# and SQL has dulled my thirst for mild speculation and fanboyish whining...

Spoilers for Lost episode 5x10, He's Our You follow:

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Hayden Jones
almost fifteen years ago

You just went up a few points in coolness because you\'re a programmer.

almost fifteen years ago

You mean I wasn\'t already at maximum coolness points?? :(