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Lost: S4 Review, Episode 2

Feb 10, 2008

And our streak of weekly Lost podcasts ends Oh well, we had a good run...

This week's episode, Confirmed Dead, didn't interest me nearly as much as last week's, so perhaps it's fitting that it should be the first to fall by the audio wayside. With the writers' strike possibly at an end, there may still be hope (blindly optimistic or otherwise) for the season to be completed and aired the way it was intended - 16 consecutive episodes. More episodes means more chance of the odd podcast falling through the cracks, so with that in mind I'm instituting a radical new policy of subsitute textual reviews. Yes, while I may not have enjoyed Confirmed Dead enough to chat about it, I can still muster up the will to write about it!

Spoilers for Lost episode 4x02 follow:

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Update: Now with added Gary!

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