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Nov 27, 2006

With the new season of Lost coming to the UK much earlier than predicted, I decided to get a jump on the commentaries and record some before the DVD is even out. Foolhardy? Maybe. Courageous? Not really.

Join me as I struggle through my extensive (and hard to read) notes on the season 3 premiere, A Tale of Two Cities, in which Jack, Kate and Sawyer discover that The Others really just wanted to be their friends all along. And what better way to start a new friendship than with imprisonment, intimidation and a spot of behavioural conditioning. It gets even better next episode: they get to do some heavy lifting too!

This commentary comes in two delicious flavours to maximise the chances of it actually synching up with the episode. You only need download the version specific to your region as the content is identical:

LOSTCasts: A Tale of Two Cities - lots of interesting observations and conjecture on the episode
Screencap of the Hydra logo at Wikipedia

The forum can now be reached at the much easier to remember and likewise the website at