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Oct 26, 2006

Take 2 of the Tom & Stu show sees us leapfrog 5 episodes (I doubt anything important happened in them...) to get to the Lost: The Tail Section season 1 recap episode, also known as The Other 48 Days.

The microphone merry-go-round continues as we employ our newest headset mic with super-duper in-built noise reduction. Still, audio is a bit on the rustly side (not least because I rustle my fair share of paper).


Lostpedia: 'car in the background' goof screen cap (judge for yourself!)

In an effort to mix up the voices you're hearing, for next week I'll be digging up 1 of 2 Buffy commentaries John and Brandon recorded some time ago . We were holding them back to be released in chronological order (they're for School Hard and Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered) but, hey, if this isn't the time to make use of spare episodes I don't know when is.