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Sep 13, 2006

In this very special episode, I was fortunate enough to attend a midnight screening of The Monster Squad at The Denton Movie Tavern, as part of their Friday Night Frights. It was apparently the only remaining 35 milimeter print in the country! The film's star, Andre Gower was there to introduce the screening and he answered questions from an inebriated audience.

It just so happens that I brought my camera with me and I've recorded the event for all to enjoy. Andre was even nice enough to sign autographs and take pictures with fans, and this was probably around 2 AM! What a guy! The picture of Andre, Brandon and myself was taken in very little light. One of these days, my stupid ass will remember to use the lamp on the front of the camera. :) Thanks goes out to Stuart Duncan for somehow making the image presentable. Thanks also to my dear friend Brandon Ortega, for his help in getting to and from the screening and making it a fun time. You sir, rock!

Special thanks goes out to John Gray and Paul Salfen for putting together an unforgettable evening, and also to Andre Gower for taking the time to come all the way out to Texas, for sharing such wonderful stories with us and basically just for being awesome. See, it's officially in writing now, so that makes it true!

Note: Alcohol was being served at this event, so the crowd was very loose and rowdy. Fair warning for those easily offended, this podcast does contain some explicit language.