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Aug 31, 2006

Completing the trifecta of Fall TV shows is our discussion of the CBS line-up. Only three shows caught our eye this time around: Jericho, Shark and Smith. word titles.

Notes: As it turns out, the full premiere episode of Prison Break available at only works for those in the US. And for said lucky citizens, they also have the full Vanished pilot.

seventeen and a half years ago

Hey Gary,

Well I know John has seen the Jericho pilot now, and I think he quite enjoyed it, but seeing as I\'m in Scotland it\'ll be some time before I get a chance to see it myself. Actually the only thing I remember John saying about it was that he wanted to find out the name of one of the songs used in the episode!

seventeen and a half years ago

Hey There Guys,

Down here in Oz we were all a bit shocked to find out that we were getting Jericho slighlty before the US it aired on the same day down here.

Anyway I had a look at it, thought it was alright it sure seems tv producers want the next LOST as thats where they are going with this show I imagine. A group of different people stuck with each other and no where to go.

Some of the performances were good not sure Ill keep watching though as I reckon that it will be given the chop pretty soon. What did you guys think?