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Jun 24, 2006

Seeing as John is time-zone impaired right now (i.e. he's probably asleep), I've decided to tackle the arduous task of writing this episode's summary myself. Hmm....ok. It needs to be witty, insightful, informative - nothing short of a tour de force.


We talk about The Puppet Show. John's phone rings halfway through. Mimes and puppets are scary. - Stu

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over sixteen years ago

Yeah I think may have put this episode in a few top 20 lists - there aren\'t too many Buffy episodes that keep you guessing as much as this one :)

Daniel Rudolph
over sixteen years ago

I\'m pretty fond of this episode. Evil dummies are something fo a cliche and I was completely caught off guard when it turned out differently.

On the games: I liked having Sid available in Chaos Bleeds. Yes, there are lots of other characters they could have used, but all the human and human-sized characters wouldn\'t have Sid\'s unique style. I actually think Chaos Bleeds is better than the first game, which was too difficult for its own good, especially in the cheap death area. Having lots more playale characters helps, too.