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May 13, 2006

Through the wonder of computer technology, I'm joined once again by special guest, Stuart Duncan. In Buffy's sixth episode from Season One, The Pack, Xander is possessed by a Hyena at the Sunnydale zoo. Hyenas are dog-like, nocturnal mammals mainly found in Africa and southern Asia. They are carnivorous scavengers feeding chiefly on carrion, with powerful jaws, relatively short hind limbs and coarse hair. They are famously known for their distinct bark, which often sounds like laughter. So, basically, Xander is the same as he ever was.

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over sixteen years ago

Quite right Xander didn\'t get his PrincipalChow - if one of us actually said that my money\\\'s on John... ;)

Interesting trivia: I\\\'ve never seen a whole episode of Xena.

John Pavlich
sixteen and a half years ago

It\'s only because you\'re Scottish. I\'m trying to win support from the Minority voters. :)

sixteen and a half years ago

Hey! Great podcast, keep it up! I can\'t wait for next episode, Angel. It\'s one of my favorites.

Daniel Rudolph
over sixteen years ago

Xander didn\'t eat Flutey. That happened while he was in the library with Buffy. He only ate Herbert.

Interesting trivia: Jennifer Sky, who played Heidi later went on to the recurring role of Amarice on Xena: Warrior Princess and played the titular character in Cleopatra 2525.

This one worked pretty well, possibly because of the co-commentator, despite your sync problems. It meant someone was talkign pretty much the whole time and eliminated the gap prblem from previous efforts.

sixteen and a half years ago

Wow, I never thought I\'d be a \'special guest\' :)