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May 11, 2006

In Season One's fifth episode, Never Kill A Boy On The First Date, Buffy tries to uphold her duty as The Slayer while dating a dull, stale loaf of bread named Owen. Meanwhile, The Master begins his plans to open a Day Care Center for the Wayward Youth of Sunnydale. Is there enough room in Buffy's life for school, slaying and the occasional post-pubescent fantasy? Join me in this commentary and find out. If we're lucky, Angel might even show up to brood at Buffy while wearing some more cool clothes.

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over sixteen years ago

I don\'t think Emily Dickinson was ever even mentioned in our high school. I\'m not sure if that\'s a good or bad thing...

sixteen and a half years ago

The character of Owen and the actor playing him never bothered me in the slightest, not sure why. Even stranger, the Annointed One never bothered me either, although I wish they\'d done something a bit more interesting with him.

Also, note the prophecy the Master reads from in reference to the AO: \"The Slayer will not know him\". It\'s true at this point in the series, but in Prophecy Girl Buffy does recognise who the Annointed One is...

Daniel Rudolph
over sixteen years ago

Presumably, Buffy knows who Emily Dickinson is, she just forgot because she was so flustered by the cute boy. At my high school, we didn\'t read any of her work until junior year.