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Jul 3, 2017

Subject: Hudson Hawk (1991)

Observers: John Pavlich, Alonso Duralde, David Kittredge

Record Date: July 01, 2017, 04:05 PM

Plot Summary: A cat burglar is forced to steal ancient artifacts in Italy, meant to manufacture pure gold via alchemy.

Note: Alonso (contributor to What The Flick?! and co-host of the Linoleum Knife podcast) returns and is joined by David (writer and director of Pornography: A Thriller) to discuss the bizarre action comedy. We talk about story by committee, tonal whiplash, continuity with monkeys and the art of the caper genre. Remember to listen for the preemptive countdown before starting the film on your DVD.

Correction: During this recording, I mistakenly assert the deaths of actors, Richard E. Grant and Andrew Bryniarski. Both are in fact alive at this time. I apologize for the error.

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