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Oct 31, 2007

House is a classic, haunted residence story from 1986. William Katt stars as a struggling writer who revisits his Aunt's home, after she mysteriously commits suicide. While staying there, he's tortured by memories of his missing son and his personal experiences during the Vietnam War.

It's not long before the house begins to feed off his guilt and sadness. Strange and frightful things are happening, and it all seems to be related to the disappearance of a young boy. This is a fun, dark-humored ride of a ghost story that deals with one man's need to face and conquer his personal demons.

The film is produced by Sean Cunningham, directed by Steve Miner and written by Ethan Wiley, from a story by Fred Dekker. As is usually the case, please listen for my preemptive countdown before beginning the movie on your DVD.

Happy Halloween everyone!