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Sep 5, 2007

Directed by DJ Caruso, Disturbia is about a troubled teen placed under house arrest. He's got an ankle bracelet that prevents him from going beyond his front yard. To make matters worse, an insanely hot girl moves in next door, and he's pretty sure his other neighbor is an elusive serial killer. But, Carrie-Anne Moss plays the boy's mother, so at least there's that.

Please join me as I go over some of the finer points of this surprisingly intense and well-crafted thriller. A few topics of discussion include comparisons to Fright Night, Cherish and Rear Window. I also ponder the absence of car alarms and a mother's intuition. :)

Just as with other movie commentaries, please listen for my preemptive countdown before starting your DVD.

over thirteen years ago

Nice job, Jon! The comparisons to Fright Night, Cherish, and Rear Window were a good start, but didn\'t go far enough for my taste. Disturbia is basically a remake of Rear Window, after all.