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Aug 18, 2007

Let The Games Begin, is the third episode from executive producer Tim Minear's fun but short-lived series (as if there was only one), Drive. It focuses on an assortment of characters competing in a secret, illegal road race across the country.

In this episode, Alex and Corinna are separated when he's abducted by a police officer who is certain Alex used to be a getaway driver. Violet teaches her father, John the ins and outs of telling a convincing lie. Winston is arrested by a "Fugitive Recovery Agent", forcing his brother to make a tough decision. There's also the addition of an exciting new character, Alex's 1972 Dodge Challenger!

As is usually the case with these Drive episodes, there is no preemptive countdown. That means you can start the show simultaneously with this podcast. Also keep in mind, I'm skipping past any commercials and the recap segment at the top of the program.