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Jul 10, 2007

Inca Mummy Girl is the fourth episode from the second season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. That much, I do know. Apparently, that's pretty much it. A few corrections I want to point out: In this commentary, I mistakenly refer to the actor playing Devon as the actual lead vocalist for the band, Four Star Mary. After researching the episode for show notes, something I probably should have done before the recording, I realize now that Jason Hall is an actor, playing the role of a musician. My apologies for the mix-up. Also, I talk about how Devon isn't in the show after season two. This is also false. Jason Hall appears quite a few times throughout season three, and at least once in season four. Again, I'm sorry for my ignorance.

Anyway, Inca Mummy girl gives us an abundance of at least three good things: Seth Green, cinematic lighting, quality music by Four Star Mary, Willow in an Eskimo outfit and special guest star, Ara Celi. Oh, and a mummy. Can't forget about the mummy. Okay, so that's clearly more than three good things. I can't help it, there's a lot to enjoy about this episode. I mean, it's another solid Xander-themed episode. What's not to love? You're not supposed to answer that. It's rhetorical.

over fifteen years ago

Gah! I was too slow getting some S2 dvds - I\\\'d never have let you make such elementary slips about the legendary FSM ;)