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May 20, 2007

An old friend from High School, Justin Krey sits down as my special guest as we revisit Richard Stanley's cult classic, Dust Devil. After spending the better part of a decade lost in video limbo and cut to incomprehensible shreds, the film can finally be appreciated in full on DVD.

A shape-shifting serial killer prays on lonely, desperate women who have lost hope and want to die. Meanwhile, a sullen cop tries to maintain order among the corrupt police force as he chases the demon across the South African desert. The Walking Man, played by Robert John Burke begins a cat and mouse game of seduction with his latest victim, as his human form conflicts with the spiritual realm.

Justin and I take a look at the film's layers of social, political and spiritual themes. We also discuss the circular nature of the film's narrative structure and how the most intelligent and creative filmmakers are usually misunderstood by the Hollywood assembly line. As per usual, listen for the preemptive countdown before starting your DVD.