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Apr 28, 2007

Drive continues, with its second episode, Partners. Rob and Ellie's relationship is tested when she begins lying to him about his orders from the army. Corinna reveals her involvement with The Race to Alex. John changes his assumptions after he and Violet get assistance from the Salazar Brothers. Meanwhile, Mrs. Patrakas struggles with the notion of killing Ivy. The episode builds to an inspiring space shuttle launch, and the realization that Alex may be closer to rescuing his wife than first suspected.

Just as before, I recorded my commentary while watching the episode on streaming video, so there is no preemptive countdown.

Justin Krey
almost seventeen years ago

looks like a good show. I have allways enjoyed just about anything with Nathan Fillion in it so this shoold be good and will make it on to my DVR recording list. I look forward to hearing the commentary and will post my comments once I watch and listen. :)