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Apr 5, 2007

It's our 1st Anniversary! To celebrate, I've dug deep into the vault to bring you the lost commentary for Jaws: The Revenge. This track was recorded by myself and frequent co-host, Allen Coe at least a year ago. After our first session/episode for Sofa Dogs, which was the original Jaws from 1975, we decided to follow it up with the last film in the franchise.

By this point, Allen had consumed several tall boys (cans) of beer, which made for quite a loose and interesting commentary. A day or so after the fact however, Allen couldn't recall much of what he said and had second thoughts of releasing the recording to our audience. Afraid that this audio track reflected badly on him, he asked me to keep it to myself. Although I tried to convince him that he sounded just fine, I respected my friend's wishes, and so the file was tucked away in my hard drive and remained there for a full year.

He's since then had time to get over such fears, so it is with great pleasure that I can finally present to you our vague ramblings on Jaws: The Revenge. We laugh, roll our eyes and occasionally yell at the screen as a bloated, wobbly puppet of a shark manages to track down the last of the Brody clan all the way to the Bahamas, for...uh, for some reason. Tea and cake, maybe?