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Mar 26, 2007

It's been over ten years since Empire Records and its colorful employees came into our lives. Since then, the film has become something of a cherished, cult classic. My good friend and Empire fanatic, Susie Richards and I watch and discuss the movie together, via speaker phone. The story takes place roughly within a 24 hour period and centers around a small, independent record store. The place is in danger of being bought out by an evil, corporate chain called Music Town. It's up to Empire's underdog staff to rebel against the system and maintain their family unit of rock n' roll dysfunction.

Join Susie and I as we take a look at the 2003 Special Edition DVD (basically a Director's Cut), and ponder such baffling questions like:
What exactly happened to Deb to make her suicidal?
What really happened to Lucas when he was in Atlantic City?
Why has there never been a Volume Two Soundtrack Album?
Where's the rest of the footage still missing from the movie?
Why no definitive DVD (commentary, retrospective documentary, etc.)?
Just what the hell is Warren's real name, anyway?

After enjoying the podcast, head on over to Open Till Midnight for the ultimate Empire Records fan site. It's chock full of music info, trivia, custom MySpace layouts, desktop wallpapers and even an online store! I recommend the "You make me feel like a bath" t-shirt.