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Feb 12, 2007

According to a later episode of How I Met Your Mother, nothing good happens after 2 AM. I decided to test that theory by recording a commentary a couple of hours before sunrise. The pilot of How I Met Your Mother concerns the early years of Ted Mosby and his epic quest to find the future Miss Right. Meanwhile, newly engaged couple Marshall and Lily are lucky enough to have found each other, and man-about-town Barney is simply looking for Miss Right Now. It's a love story told in reverse. Suit up and join me, won't you?

fifteen and a half years ago

I don\'t know if I should be angry or happy because you pointed me to this great series.

I heard the name quite often (especially for the Buffy/Angel \"crossovers\") but somehow it escaped me and I didn\'t watch any of it.

But now, I\'m really hooked on this series having just seen about 10-15 episodes in the last week or so.

At this rate I\'ll have caught up with it till the next episode comes out.

fifteen and a half years ago

It is ridiculously more-ish isn\\\'t it? ;)

Season 2 has been on in the US for a while now I think, though us folks in the UK had a long wait for season 1 so I don\\\'t expect it\\\'ll be on any time soon :(

John Pavlich
fifteen and a half years ago

If the Sofa Dogs podcast helped you to find and enjoy How I Met Your Mother, then I\'ll take that as a compliment. So, I\'d say happy is the proper emotion here. :)

fifteen and a half years ago

Sneak attack post from John!

What\\\'s happening on the old \\\'net access front?