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Jul 1, 2012

Subject: Chad Peter & Teague Chrystie from Apocalypse, CA.

Record Date: March 23, 2012, 01:35 AM

Note: Writer/Director/Cinematographer, Chad Peter joins the podcast to discuss his feature film debut, Apocalypse, CA. The film concerns a group of disillusioned, young adults preparing for an asteroid set to impact California. As if that wasn't harrowing enough, fate throws sex-inducing drugs, a genie and a rampaging giant into the mix! Joining Chad for this interview is friend of the podcast and Visual Effects Artist, Teague Chrystie. The two discuss independent production, the new business model within film distribution and share stories about the making of Apocalypse, CA. You can visit the film's website for more information including a trailer, links to buy or rent the film and to locate special screenings.

SPOILERS for the film occur at 00:32:07