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Jan 23, 2011

Miki Marsala and Alex Ewing join the podcast to watch and discuss the 1996, teen horror film, The Craft. A troubled girl (Robin Tunney) moves to Los Angeles and attends a Catholic prep school, wherein she meets three outcast girls (Neve Campbell, Rachel True and Fairuza Balk), who practice witchcraft. Their initial spells and invocations bring them good fortune,  but abuse of such gifts soon spiral out of control.

Please join Miki, Alex and I as we talk about the teen horror genre, special effects, an over-produced third act, casting chemistry and sunburns. Basically, just pleasant nostalgia for mid-1990s' cinema. Remember to listen for the preemptive countdown before starting the movie on your DVD.

almost twelve years ago

I sincerely hope you didn't listen to that, Teague. ;)

You'll never want to talk to me again. hahahah

almost twelve years ago