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Jan 19, 2011

Wendy Hembrock, (from Tuning In To SciFi TV) joins the podcast to help bring a new set of commentaries into the Sofa Dogs catalog. Supernatural is a genre series about a pair of brothers blasting across the country in a classic car, listening to classic rock and searching for their missing father. Oh yeah, they also hunt and destroy ghosts, demons and every other weird and spooky manifestation of evil!

Please join Wendy and I as we watch the pilot episode of Supernatural, and talk about episodic versus arc-based storytelling, exposition and how we each came to be introduced to the series. Remember to listen for the preemptive countdown before starting the episode on your DVD.

NOTE: If other Supernatural fans would like to be a guest co-host for these commentaries, please email the podcast with a list of your favorite episodes you would like to talk about! Contact information is located in the right-hand side menu on the main page of this site.