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Oct 19, 2010

Will Ritchie returns to the show as Sofa Dogs continues its month-long tribute to Horror films of the past. This week, we take a look at Tom Holland's 1985, vampire classic, Fright Night. Charlie Brewster is a typical American teenager. He loves his Mom, he studies hard in school, he gets in arguments with his girlfriend about sex and oh yeah, it seems a vampire is living next door to him! As young girls continue to go missing, only to turn up dead later, Charlie enlists the help of his favorite Horror icon, Peter Vincent. Together, they must stop the vampire and rescue Charlie's friends from eternal damnation.

Please join Will and I as we discuss Roddy McDowall, the vampire genre and mythology, the effects of Richard Edlund and the upcoming remake of Fright Night. Remember to listen for the preemptive countdown before starting the movie on your DVD.