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Aug 16, 2010

The conclusion to this massive, three-part episode is finally here! Scott Carelli chats about the Murmur Podcast and Watchmen on Blu-ray.

00:01:55 - John and Scott sing the praises of iFanboy, but express concern and disappointment for
00:08:36 - In addition to a subjective drop in quality content, Murmur's technical issues with the site itself are also discussed.
00:19:51 - Do Blu-ray discs really make your wallet cry? We say, "not so much".
00:22:00 - John finally saw Watchmen. Specifically, the Director's Cut on Blu-ray.
00:24:49 - John and Scott defend the casting of Malin Akerman as Laurie Jupiter.
00:30:58 - John drools over Watchmen's technical achievements.
00:36:10 - A sex scene in a film that's actually important to the story and characters! Also, Watchmen's soundtrack is mentioned.
00:39:39 - John closes out the show by reading the first new iTunes review for the podcast in over a year. The best part? It's a five-star write up.

The following artists can be heard in this episode:

Danny DeVito, Jed Whedon & The Willing, Garbage, Zero 7, Neil Patrick Harris & Matthew Morrison, The Asteroids Galaxy Tour, Heavens, Tyler Bates, Tears For Fears, Brian Eno, Tall Tree 6ft Man and I Monster.