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Aug 5, 2010

Scott Carelli returns for part 2 of this expansive, trilogy of insanity to talk Inception, Christopher Nolan and Blackout.

00:01:28 - John shares his long journey of getting to see Inception on an IMAX screen. This leads to mini-reviews of Christopher Nolan's previous work.

00:14:36 - We debate the pacing and emotional impact of Inception.

00:17:31 - Joseph Gordon-Levitt gets some high praise for his work and John plays Casting Agent. Scott also theorizes why Leonardo DiCaprio was cast as the lead.

00:20:24 - Scott brings up a potential plot hole and continuity error, meaning SPOILERS here for Inception. The ending is also heavily discussed, of course. NOTE: Scott's issue with the film here will be fixed in a future episode.

00:32:13 - We talk a bit about Scott Pilgrim, both the books and the upcoming film. So far, John is not a fan of the source material but is seriously looking forward to the movie.

00:35:59 - John briefly geeks out about his love of film scores and soundtracks, with a big shout-out to The Inferno Music Vault.

00:39:15 - Is Michael Bay a better film maker than Christopher Nolan? How is this even a question?

00:42:12 - The new film, Devil reminds John of a 2007 film, Blackout. He made Scott watch Blackout. Scott proceeds to cry tears of blood for the remainder of this episode.

The following artists can be heard in this episode:

Leonardo DiCaprio & Ellen Page, Zack Hemsey, Hans Zimmer, Dreadzone, Tangerine Dream, Echobelly, Astral Projection, Metric, Paul Hertzog, Danzig, INXS, Better Than Ezra and James L. Venable.