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Mar 21, 2010

The conclusion to this episode leaves brevity behind, as John and Scott talk at length about indie films, british television and superhero icons.

00:02:10 - Scott tried to watch New York, I Love You. He made it about halfway through. It was apparently that bad.

00:20:53 - Scott highly recommends the UK television series Skins, but only after the dreadful first episode.

00:30:04 - John took Scott's advice and watched the pilot for Life Unexpected. He loved the show and the characters, but decided to stop there, opting to quit while ahead.

01:01:50 - John and Scott share their thoughts on the 2-hour Smallville event, Absolute Justice as well as the show in general.

01:28:43 - Scott closes out the show with hopes that in the final season, Clark Kent will become Superman on Smallville.

The following artists can be heard in this episode:

Kevin Smith, Moby & Debbie Harry, Geographer, Adam Merrin, The Dollyrots, The Chemical Brothers, Lovedrug, They Eat Their Own, Echobelly, Josh Kramon, Bowling For Soup, Death Cab For Cutie, Electric President, The All-American Rejects, Cocteau Twins, John Ottman, Mark Snow, The Notwist, Stars, Smashing Pumpkins and The Crystal Method.