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Mar 15, 2010

Part one of this two-part episode finds John and Scott ranting and raving about everything from geek culture, to obsessive behavior, to the joys of Netflix Streaming.

00:03:35 - John feels that Whedonesque is not being realized to its fullest potential, and worries that he's missing out on several news items, at the discretion of some questionable moderation. (UPDATE: The concerns of this issue have since died down considerably, making much of this rant more obsolete than before.)

00:24:11 - Yes, the rant was that long. This leads to another rant, one that's been discussed before. The Cult of Whedon, and how in some cases, the more overzealous contributors can ruin it for other fans. There is also more talk about the ups and downs of Dollhouse.

00:37:24 - Scott and John share their thoughts on Seasons 1 and 2 of Felicia Day's award-winning web series, The Guild. Spoilers abound, so beware. The idea of online gaming and the fantasy genre are also discussed.

00:50:57 - When writing creepy, stalker humor, how far is too far?

01:00:52 - Felicia Day has a Celebrity Music Playlist on Canadian iTunes, proving once again that Canada rocks!

01:04:24 - Scott checked out Big Fan through Netflix Watch Instantly. The Wrestler and Patton Oswalt's star power are also mentioned.

01:15:32 - Scott also watched the off-the-wall "comedy", Good Dick.

01:23:02 - Finally, Scott closes out the show by discussing the film, World's Greatest Dad.

The following artists can be heard in this episode:

Kevin Smith, Vampire Weekend, The Submarines, L7, Black Sabbath, Air, Cassettes Won't Listen, Stereophonics, Headlights, Joshua Radin, Paul Minor, David Guetta & Akon, Metric, The Smiths, Why?, FC Kahuna, Stars, U2, The Weepies, Hem, Belle & Sebastian, Grandaddy and Regina Spektor.








Jack Gregson
almost fourteen years ago

I gotta say I disagree with you guys on the Big Fan thing, I think it needed to have that ending as it was really a commentary on American culture, it was a sad ending and it really spoke to me. Also on 40 Year Old Virgin, I think the message they were trying to put across was \"have a balance\", there\'s that great scene where Andy is completely unhappy selling his toys and the other nice scene where he goes \"No, we can keep Steve Austin\", but it always said to me, don\'t let it consume your life, get out, make some friends, meet someone who makes you feel special and do what you love.