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Feb 20, 2010

This is the second half to William Bibbiani's two-part episode. Discussions within range from "Lost" to "Angel" to "Drive". So, pretty much lots of TV talk. If you don't watch TV, then these 50 minutes or so are going to be really strange to listen to.

00:01:17 - William discusses the disturbing premise of the film, "Never Been Kissed."

00:04:38 - John laments the lack of quality, Teen films being produced these days. Also, he wants those damn kids to get off his lawn!

00:10:00 - William and John weigh in on "Lost", past and present.

00:16:37 - We would like to see Maggie Grace show back up somewhere in the final season. Please?

00:24:32 - Due to a slight technical glitch, about a minute of audio had to be removed. In its place, please enjoy some intermission music by "Lost" composer, Michael Giacchino.

00:25:05 - Angel fans might enjoy this section, but things get really interesting when William kills John with his brain, regarding a theory on why Tim Minear's "Drive" wasn't a big success.

00:36:10 - While discussing "Fringe", William brings up the pros and cons between episodic and mythology-based storytelling in Television.

00:45:55 - John convinces William to get back into watching "Castle", at least for an episode or two.

00:49:20 - William closes out the show by pimping the various projects and websites he's involved in, including and

The following artists can be heard in this episode:

Tim Minear & The Succubus Club, Average White Band, M83, Vast, The Bodeans, BT, Michael Giacchino, Darling Violetta, Nine Inch Nails, Gavin Rossdale, The Crystal Method, Electric President, Say Hi To Your Mom and The Dust Brothers.