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Feb 15, 2010

In the first half of this Two-parter, William Bibbiani, columnist on Geekscape and star of Bus Pirates joins the show to talk about Bluray DVDs, Sports Films and the Teen genre. NOTE: Please be sure to visit and

00:01:43 - William laments film stocks from the 80s' and the pain of High Definition transfers. This leads to Digital Noise Reduction, Public Enemies and evoking past generations in film-making.

00:09:24 - If you need a good story about The Titanic, make it A Night To Remember, not the James Cameron opus. That man has enough money. :)

00:14:56 - What's the deal with the Super Bowl being the highest-rated TV event in the world? We don't know, but we have fun trying to figure it out. This leads to a dissection of the beloved Sports Movie Formula.

00:25:01 - So begins John's lengthy analysis of the teen girl film Sleepover, starring Alexa Vega, Jane Lynch, Jeff Garland, Steve Carrel.... and Summer Glau?

00:40:15 - What is the intended message of Sleepover? To answer this, William explains the importance of tone and consistency in teen films.

00:45:09 - William ponders who could play Peter Parker in the Spider-Man reboot. John suggests Anton Yelchin.

00:49:26 - In response to the misguided Sleepover, William recommends An Education. This results in talk of sexuality and youth culture.

The following artist can be heard in this episode:

Matt Keeslar & Natalie Morales, Splashdown, Killing Joke, The Lonely Island, Longwave, Electric President, The Go! Team, Vitamin C, Ivy, Pink, Rod Stewart, Coldplay, Garbage and Bjork & PJ Harvey.




over fourteen years ago


just wanted to let you know that the highest rating tv event ever is NOT the superbowl. That is the world cup football (soccer) which dwarfs the ratings of american football. American football is non-existent outside the US. For the most of the world its just rugby with protective gear. it annoys me to no end how the us ignores the rest of the world in sports.