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Feb 8, 2010

Everything you ever wanted to know about Geek By Night, but were afraid to ask. Scott Carelli (that's right) returns to the show. In this, the first sign of the coming apocalypse, Scott shares the ins and outs of his beloved audio series, why it was forced to be put down like a sick dog (it had rabies) and what this means for the future. There's even some comics and television talk thrown in, so as not to make this totally about us.

00:02:53 - John tells the epic tale of Will Ritchie: The Quest For Peace. Thankfully, there's no Nuclear Man in this particular story.

00:06:31 - John talks about the Valentine's Day episode of Couch Surfing you will never hear.


00:09:36 - You may not believe it at first, but if ever you're in need of a reality check, your true friends are there for you.


00:14:01 - Scott sets the record straight on why Geek By Night was canceled.

00:17:26 - John and Scott discuss when good fandoms go bad.

00:21:02 - John weighs in on the recasting of Elliot Markowitz. Sort of.

00:27:07 - When does enough become enough for the masses? To answer that question, Heroes is briefly discussed.

00:32:12 - Scott reevaluates his priorities in life. Comics and TV are discussed.

00:38:06 - John and Scott share their creative writing process in regards to Geek By Night.

00:47:03 - However big or small your circle of friends may be, put all of them in your phone's address book. Just in case.

00:53:07 - John and Scott talk about the pros and cons to writing in personal experiences.

01:00:05 - It's better to appreciate what you have, than to complain about what you don't. This nugget of wisdom leads in to a discussion about the early conceptions for season 2 onward of Geek By Night.

01:04:04 - In the tradition of Marvel Comics, Geek By Night gets its own "What if..." treatment.

01:07:22 - Faye T. Westlake: Geek By Night's mystery girl.


01:11:44 - Brainstorming vs actual writing.


01:13:49 - John closes out the show by finding the silver lining in a dark cloud. In other words, he's a walking cliche. Again.

The following artists can be heard in this episode:

Billy West, The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart, Jets Overhead, Imogen Heap, Kelly Clarkson, Jay-Z & The Verve, Shriekback, Frightened Rabbit, Moby, Velvet Underground, Coldplay, Tortoise, Public Image Limited and M83.


Will R
over fourteen years ago

The comments on here looked lonely. I\'m currently listening and am glad Pavlich and Carelli are together again.

over fourteen years ago

In case anyone was wondering why their comments weren\'t showing up, it\'s because I was forced to turn on comment moderation after the site got absolutely caned by spam last week. Sigh.

Hayden Jones
over fourteen years ago

Looking forward to listening. :-)

over fourteen years ago

Yay, Couch Surfing! I thought I detected a possible reunion during the Smallville twitter comentary.