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Dec 16, 2009

The following interview was originally conducted for In the future, you will be able to visit that site, for a better quality version of this recording, which will be broken up there into 15-minute increments or less. A transcript of the interview may also be included. In the meantime, please enjoy my interview with Frank Sabatella, the Director of Blood Night: The Legend of Mary Hatchet. You can visit or (now with special X-Mas pricing of $9.99! Expires on December 25th!) to purchase the film on DVD, starring Nate Dushku, Danielle Harris and Bill Moseley.

Note: The interview contains spoilers for the film, as well as some mild, adult language so please proceed with caution.

Hayden Jones
almost thirteen years ago

Hmmm... one thing I learned from this interview. Don\\\'t go into movie business unless you\\\'re a masochist.