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Dec 3, 2009

The debate for Rob Zombie's Halloween rages on with Paul Elard Cooley. This is part two, and the conclusion to this monster edition of the podcast.

00:03:02 - Is Rob Zombie capable of telling an original story? We search for an answer.
00:08:23 - Paul recommends the foreign gore sensation, Inside. This leads to talk about High Tension and George Romero's zombie offerings.
00:13:18 - Cable darling, AMC is adapting Robert Kirkman's zombie graphic novels, The Walking Dead.
00:17:22 - Paul mentions the three distinct zombie types of the genre.
00:22:38 - We talk about movie cancer: Boredom. This leads to talk of the Transformers franchise.
00:30:26 - We measure our manliness by way of our Netflix Queues. Spoiler: Paul's is bigger.
00:35:12 - Dissecting the pros and cons of Sam Raimi's, Drag Me To Hell.
00:46:11 - Paul sings the praises of the remake for My Bloody Valentine.
00:48:52 - Mel from the UK sends an email thanking us for sharing the music of Splashdown with the uninitiated listeners.
00:52:33 - When trailers attack! This leads to discussion of 2012. John recommends the indie drama, Grace Is Gone.
01:07:23 - Paul closes out the show by singing the praises of the PS3 and Blu-ray.

The following artists can be heard in this episode:

Bill Moseley & Rob Zombie, Michael Hoenig, Tears For Fears, Spacehog, Fabio Frizzi, Goblin, John Harrison, Linkin Park, Ash & Chris Martin, AC/DC, Tricky, Laika, Gus, Splashdown, REM, Ladytron, Lindsey Buckingham and KC & The Sunshine Band.