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Oct 20, 2009

Will Ritchie returns, with television on the brain and werewolves in his heart, or something. NOTE: This episode is very late, due to occasional moments where Will's audio is lacking in quality. I spent weeks trying to fix it as best I could. Sorry for the inconvenience. Please enjoy!

00:02:00 - Will has been in a podcast Coma for months. He sheds some light on why.
00:08:05 - Will has been a TV fiend, lately. They discuss The Mentalist and True Blood. This leads to the lamentation of a lack of any werewolf-themed shows. The original Fox series, Werewolf is mentioned.
00:13:23 - Will talks about Big Wolf On Campus.
00:16:34 - Glee + Kristin Chenoweth = Heaven!
00:24:02 - Will and John talk about the oddity that is the Tuesday night TV wasteland.
00:27:31 - John recommends David Goyer's new conspiracy thriller series, Flash Forward.
00:30:32 - Will is feeling generous and wants to give John a TV.
00:33:01 - We heart Dollhouse. Just sayin'. This leads to talk of Smallville.
00:40:00 - Halo ODST results in a fun, mini-reunion for Firefly. Video games are discussed.
00:49:29 - Do you have a Collector's mentality? We do.
00:58:40 - Marshal loves this show so much, he sends not one, but two emails. Yeah, THAT'S why he did it. Alias is discussed.
01:11:24 - Marshal expresses Canadian pride by recommending the werewolf film, Ginger Snaps. Check it out!
01:16:27 - Will closes out the show by sharing his love for Bradley Cooper. The man is everywhere, and we couldn't be happier!

The following artists can be heard in this episode:

Quentin Tarantino, Amber Riley & The Glee Cast, Earlimart, Caviar, Four Star Mary, Hot Chip, The Martinis, Portishead, Alexi Murdoch, David Bowie, Splashdown, Massive Attack, Coldplay, The Crystal Method, AC/DC, Adam Merrin, Bishop Allen, Juliana Hatfield, Venus In Furs and Idlewild.

Nick Kirk
fourteen and a half years ago

I also love Party Down!

Hayden Jones
fourteen and a half years ago

...and I loved (or at least enjoyed) \'What Dreams may Come\'

Nick Kirk
fourteen and a half years ago

I love Big Wolf on Campus!