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Sep 18, 2009

The thrilling (read: boring) conclusion to this two-part, Dragon*Con special with Jenn from The Dollhouse Podcast!

00:03:47 - John takes advantage of some sound advice on podcasting and acquiring guests. Once again, the call goes out to Heather Stewart, Neha Tiwari, Elisabeth Rappe, Alex Albrecht, Dan Trachtenberg, Jeff Cannata and David Chen.
00:07:10 - Finally, John and Jenn talk about the Dollhouse panel with Felicia Day.
00:10:49 - Jenn tells the origin story behind how the panel came to be.
00:17:01 - John laments not having a firewire port on his computer and not being able to spend quality time with his fellow Dollhouse podcasters.
00:19:14 - Having no money to give to his favorite actors, John instead makes a personal mix CD to give out, with varying levels of success. He tries his hand at networking by passing out business cards for the podcast, also with similar results.
00:27:07 - James Marsters agrees, "Tim Minear is great." Jenn mentions her husband and a certain pretty, floral bonnet.
00:30:11 - Everyone should follow Julie Benz on Twitter, particularly for awesome recipes and dinner ideas.
00:33:23 - Felicia Day has awesome/familiar taste in music.
00:37:04 - John got his Buffy DVDs signed ("Thanks again, Felicia!"). One down, at least a dozen to go.
00:40:45 - The calculations are in. All things considered, Dragon*Con was a success!
00:44:23 - Jenn shares her first initial exposure to Serenity and the works of Joss Whedon.
00:49:27 - John talks about how he tries to spread the word of Firefly.
00:56:08 - Plans are already being kicked around to return to Dragon*Con next year.
01:03:31 - Consolation prizes are always appreciated.

The following artists can be heard in this episode:

Patton Oswalt, Metric, Sonic Librarian, Jed Whedon & Maurissa Tancharoen, Primal Scream, Cassettes Won't Listen, Dianogah, Slicker & Telefon Tel Aviv, Slowdive, Jan Johnston, Liquid State, Dirty Vegas and Stars.