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Sep 14, 2009

In this two-part special episode, Jenn from The Dollhouse Podcast stops by to share in the epic, annual experience known as Dragon*Con!

00:05:35 - The origin story behind John getting a ticket to Dragon*Con, thanks to the giant heart with arms, also known as Lisa Tobias.
00:07:56 - Lisa has to bow out of the Con. John is sadness incarnate.
00:16:25 - The Con Gods are battling John at every turn. Even laundry becomes a casualty of war.
00:22:33 - John is unable to buy autographs and photos at the Walk of Fame. Here's why.
00:27:36 - How young is too young to expose your child to the Buffyverse and horror films in general?
00:31:14 - Con Crud is approaching. Meanwhile, John talks about getting his Pre-Registration badge, bad cell phone reception and getting lost.
00:37:41 - John has amazing family and friends, just F.Y.I.
00:45:14 - Appreciation goes out to Kim, Crystal, Larissa, Suzanne, Paul and Nathaniel for their support and generosity.
00:48:33 - Nathaniel and his Hybrid car to the rescue! John is able to get a bit of cash from the very patient and helpful bank.
00:51:05 - The Comicon edition of Dollhouse suffers battle damage in Atlanta.
00:53:10 - If you snore loud enough to bring about a zombie apocalypse, please consult your doctor.
00:58:24 - Thievery should be punishable by cactus whip. Just sayin'.
01:01:50 - John wants to implant video recording technology into his eyeballs. This just in: The Dr. Horrible and Buffy Sing-Along events are amazing! Tell your friends!

The following artists can be heard in this episode:

Jon Ehrlich & David Boreanaz, Liam Howlett, Devics, The Cure, Blink 182, Missy Elliott & Ludacris, Luna, Aerosmith, The Fray, Aimee Mann, Queen, Coldplay, The Dandy Warhols, Spoon and The Original Cast of Once More With Feeling.

almost thirteen years ago

It is Thursday, October 8, 2009 at 8:49 am and I am sitting in the Student Union at UTD, listening to this podcast. I\'m having a really hard time not laughing out loud and avoiding questioning looks form the 5 other people that are awake right now. I\'m going to have to listen to this later, at home, in a secure, laugh-friendly environment.
Oh, and did I mention that I miss you?

Hayden Jones
over thirteen years ago

So, I\'m still hoping for a happy ending...