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Mar 15, 2009

Tim Minear (writer of this episode) joins the podcast to talk about "True Believer", the fifth installment of Dollhouse. Echo undergoes surgery to become a blind woman, while the government's ATF division uses her as a mole to infiltrate the compound of a religious cult. Meanwhile, Agent Ballard finally gets the evidence he needs to prove that Caroline does or did exist, bringing him one step closer to the Dollhouse. Please join Tim and I as we discuss breaking the "cult" story, the importance of building a solid foundation for a script, "playing blind" and how to make exposition sound natural.

NOTE: As this is not a DVD release, you are instead encouraged to view the episode either through Amazon, iTunes or Hulu. Please listen for the preemptive countdown before beginning the video on your computer or mobile device. 

James Zimmerman
fourteen and a half years ago

Where can I see the PDF of the script mentioned in the podcast??


fourteen and a half years ago

That pdf would be really cool to have.

fourteen and a half years ago

Wow, awesome! I could have just listened to you guys chat about all everything...even though it there were moments when it wandered way off the actual episode, that was ok. I couldn\'t watch it in tandem, anyway, ATM.

It was nice to get his interpretation of the situation in this episode, and of Sparrow\'s feelings and motivations. I kind of wish there had been time in the ep itself to let things build more naturally within the temple, with the other people etc.
I also found the explanations about what does and doesn\'t read onscreen enlightening.
It\'s just satisfying to get more info from the people who made it right after watching it a couple of times on my own. I\'ve already been getting antsy for friday to come round. So it kind of helps soothe the impatience.
Thanks for posting this!

fourteen and a half years ago


Turn. Up. For. The. Books :)